Where To Go Hiking In Zurich

The splendid city of Zurich centers around the giant Lake Zurich at the bottom of a large valley, and is completely bordered by tree-covered mountains.

These mountains are not huge, but are perfectly suitable for nice hikes. If you’re wondering where to go hiking in Zurich, we can clue you in on where the locals go.

The most popular hiking destination is the area’s tallest peak, Üetliberg. Üetliberg is located on the northwest side of the lake and is easily identified from afar by its crowning 5-story tower. This mountain is the most popular hiking destination for a good reason, as there are a myriad of well-maintained trails to get you to the top.

Without further ado lets get into the details of why and how to hike Üetliberg.

Where To Go Hiking In Zurich: Why Üetliberg?

Other than the obvious reason of it being the tallest peak in Zurich, there are several reasons to choose Üetliberg.

The trails are paved, meticulously maintained, and easy to access from the city. The hike up the mountain is also incredibly scenic with gorgeous, dense forrest surrounding you. One of the trails we chose also included a stretch of breathtaking, picturesque meadow.

Where To Hike In Zurich

When you get to the top of the mountain you’re met with a lovely manicured lookout point, punctuated by the five-story Üetliberg Tower also available for your climbing pleasure.

Where To Hike In Zurich - Üetliberg

View from the top!

There is also a hotel and a small restaurant on the grounds so you can grab some food or a drink during your break at the top of Zurich.

Getting To The Üetliberg Hiking Trails

Üetliberg is on the outskirts of town but can be easily accessed by trolley. If you’re coming from Zurich’s District 1, simply find your way to a west-bound number 13 or number 17 tram and get off at the Albisgütli stop.

From there you will head uphill towards the trail head. You’ll see it where the road curves significantly to the right and notice a small clearing in the tree line with a map of the trails.

Pick your route and stay on your path!

Tips For Hiking Üetliberg

The sanctioned trails to the top of the mountain are paved and easy to follow. However, they are also extremely steep. Be prepared with good shoes, and be very careful on your way back down!

The average person can complete the trek up the mountain in right around an hour. Just make sure you have enough water for the short journey.

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