Fun Words In Danish

A few times while in Copenhagen we were mistaken for locals and spoken to in Danish, and let me tell you it is unlike any other language I have ever heard. It’s a North Germanic Language, and features sounds quite different from anything you typically hear in the English speaking world.

Fortunately for us (and English speakers in general), mostly all Danes know English and every person we met spoke flawlessly. To say it is super impressive would still be an understatement. On top of that, the Danes we interacted with were all very kind and completely excused our ignorance of their language.

We tried to become a little more educated during our short stay in Copenhagen, and we managed to pick up a few fun words in Danish. Here are our favorites!

Our Favorite Fun Words In Danish

1. Hyggelig – Pronounced like hoo-glee, and meaning cozy. Apparently is a very desirable quality in Denmark.

2. Tak – Pronounced like it looks, and meaning thanks.

3. Skål – Pronounced like skall, and meaning cheers. Apparently stems from when vikings used to drink victory liquor out of enemies’ skulls. Not so nice of an origin.

4. øl – Pronounced uuuuuuhhllll, and meaning beer. Because hooray beer and Copenhagen’s got some good stuff.

It’s not much, but it’s certainly a start to building a little Danish vocabulary. If anyone out there knows any other fun or useful words in Danish, please do comment on this article and share!

For anyone who is interested in learning more Danish, check out Duolingo. It’s a free language app that gameifies language learning. K and I use it for learning Spanish, Italian, and German.

How'd we do? Do you have any experience with this topic, or are you planning to get some soon and have some questions in advance? Let us know about them in the comments below! Or, if we made any mistakes in this article, please kindly let us know in the comments below and we'll strive to make this website an even better resource.

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