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Food is one thing the Italians definitely know how to do right. Our stay in Milan just hammered that fact home as we got spoiled with culinary delights thanks to our wonderful friend and host, Camilla. Camilla is a native of Milan, and quite the foodie. She had the hookups for where to eat in Milan, and now you’ll have them too.

In this article we’ll share some of the delightful places we dined at, as well as share what food you absolutely must try. All we have to say before we get started here is loosen your belts people; you’re going to need the extra space.

Note: Many of these places are frequented mainly by locals, and the restaurant staff may or may not speak English. Be prepared with some basic Italian just in case!

1. Luini – Italian Street Food

This was a fantastic place to grab a quick bite. Camilla took us here expressly to get an amazing and unique food called panzerotti. YOU MUST TRY! Panzerotti are delicious little doughy turnovers stuffed with cheese and other toppings. They’re like small calzones, but the dough is really flavorful and has an indescribably delightful texture.

Where To Eat In Milan - Luini

Top of the Duomo, before enjoying our panzerotti

Luini is located near Piazza del Duomo, and we actually stopped in to eat right after climbing to the top of the Duomo. If you plan to do the same the panzerotti will feel very well-deserved!

2. L’Angolo D’Abruzzo – Genuine Ristorante Italiano

Holy smokes, this place! It’s definitely a non-tourist oriented restaurant, located north east of the city center.

Our Italian hosts really showed us how it was done at L’Angolo D’Abruzzo. So what should you get here? First answer: multiple courses. It’s pretty customary in Italy to have a primo piatto (first plate) of some sort of pasta, and then to follow it with a secondo piatto (second plate) that usually consists of meat. So here’s what to get:

Primo Piatto: Chitarra Pasta Con Melanzane
This is eggplant pasta (melanzane is Italian for eggplant). It’s a thick pasta, similar to fettuccine noodles, served with tomato sauce.

Secondo Piatto: Arrosticini
Our secondo came highly recommended from our hosts, and rightfully so. Arrosticini are basically extremely flavorful tiny shish kabobs served on skewers in a clay pot. Could not recommend these enough!

Where To Eat In Milan - L’Angolo D’Abruzzo

Arrosticini comes like this

We were told after the secondo that we still had dessert and liqueur to go, as an authentic Italian dinner wouldn’t be complete without them.

So if you’re looking for the full Italian dinner experience, you have to cap the meal with cookies and liqueur. We washed everything down with two unfamiliar types of alcohol (what our hosts called the digestivo), one of which was bright green. When in Italy….

3. Maido – Japanese Street Food

It may sound strange to rank Japanese street food in a list of where to eat in Milan, but you have to trust us on this one. This place is the bomb.

On Camilla’s recommendation we got rice burgers and Okonomiyaki, a delicious vegetable pancake of sorts. We’d never tried anything like either dish and were surprised by how tasty they were. I’d strongly recommend trying both things if you drop in to Maido.

The restaurant is very, very, very small and tucked away outside of the main tourist zone. Because it’s so small you’ll likely have to wait around 30 minutes or longer for a table, but I’ll go on record saying the food is worth the wait.

4. Gelateria Toldo – For Gelato, Of Course

We went to Gelateria Toldo to try some semifreddo gelato and we were not disappointed.

Probably the best part of this gelateria is its location in the Brera district, which is notable for its gorgeous buildings, a hint of Art Nouveau flair, and bohemian air. It was absolute perfection to sit on the patio with our gelato and take in all the beauty there.

Do You Have Any Recommendations For Where To Eat In Milan?

If you’ve had any great dining experiences in Milan please feel free to share by commenting on this article. We would love to hear your suggestions!

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