What’s The Best Place To Get A Cheap Breakfast In Florence?

We all know how the expenses of traveling can pile up. Between paying for lodging, attractions, souvenirs, and meals out sometimes it can feel a little much. I certainly got to that point during our three-month-long European mega-trip, and the title question – what’s the best place to get a cheap breakfast in Florence – definitely crossed my mind.

Then one morning while strolling near our apartment, we noticed a sign outside of a nearby café that had just what we was looking for. Breakfast for 5 Euro or less in Florence. Next stop, delicious and inexpensive breakfast!

Amal – The Best Place To Get A Cheap Breakfast In Florence

I’d noticed this café before as we’d passed by due to its incredibly cute look from the outside. A patio filled with adorable little tables, plus fresh flowers as centerpieces, always made Amal look inviting to me. But the aforementioned sign really got my attention that day. It read:

Croissant + Cappuccino €2
Crêpe con Nutella + Cappuccino €4
Crêpe con Nutella e Frutta + Cappuccino €5
the best place to get a cheap breakfast in florence

Enjoying a crêpe and cappuccino on the patio, loving the daisy centerpiece!

A sign from the universe (pun completely intended). In Florence it’s pretty common to pay around €3 for a cappuccino alone, so seeing the cappuccino plus pastry deals at Amal was a very welcome and pleasant surprise.

We entered the café to find that the interior was every bit as lovely as the exterior. It has a very modern look with its flooring and counter area, but at the same time keeps the charm of an old building with its high ceilings and exposed beams.

On top of that, winsome colors and pretty design features really put this place over the top for me; every time we set foot inside I instantly felt happier.

The first visit we went big with the Nutella/fruit crêpe and cappuccino combination, and we returned several times after for the same fare. On other mornings we grabbed freshly-baked croissants and cappuccini instead, and we were never disappointed. Both pastries and the cappuccini were consistently good.

The café is located right by the intersection of Via dell’Oriuolo and Via Giuseppe Verdi:

Final Recommendation: If you find yourself seeking out a place to get a cheap breakfast in Florence, and you’re a fan of tasty pastries, Amal is a place for you to check out.

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