Where To Get A Great, Cheap Meal In Copenhagen

The Danish capital of Copenhagen boasts beautiful architecture, unbelievably charming neighborhoods, and a disproportionate number of happy people on bicycles. It is a great city to explore on foot or via bike, which naturally works up quite an appetite.

However, all of Copenhagen’s virtues come at a premium price and finding an inexpensive way to quell your hunger is not easy. So that begets the following question: Where to get a great, cheap meal in Copenhagen?

We have one place to recommend, and it’s probably unlike anywhere you’ve ever been or heard of.

PapirØen: Where To Get A Great, Cheap Meal In Copenhagen

Where To Get A Great Cheap Meal In Copenhagen

PapirØen – Home of the food trucks

Our first day in Copenhagen, we hopped off the plane and immediately went on a walking tour of Christianshavn and Christiania. The weather was cool and the air was moist while we strolled, and the end of the tour found us more than slightly hungry.

After covering several miles in chilly weather on that tour plus finishing an international flight we were craving a substantial, warm meal to fill our bellies. We also had no desire to break the bank. Our tour guide recommended PapirØen, saying that it was a group of affordable food trucks.

Initially I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure food truck food sounded appetizing, and thinking of more time shivering outdoors was not appealing. We ended up deciding just to go for it and ended up wholly satisfied with our decision.

PapirØen is indeed a group of food trucks, but they are inside a gigantic industrial-looking warehouse. And maybe the term “group” is a little misleading since it’s actually more like a small army of them with right around 50 options to choose from.

Affordable Meal Copenhagen - PapirØen

The Disco Cow!

There were an array of vegan, vegetarian, and carnivorous options. We ended up going with a truck that served organic chili and it hit the spot just right.

Not only was the meal cheap, good, and easy, but the whole environment of PapirØen was extremely cool and funky. The decor was interesting and varied, including pieces like a disco ball cow. We sat beneath the disco cow and soaked in everything wonderful and different about the place.

Overall, PapirØen was an eclectic and fun place to grab an affordable meal in Copenhagen. With tons of available meals and a unique environment there’s really quite a bit to appreciate in this place. The fact that it’s indoors and heated is an extra bonus!

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